1750: Atlas of Silesia by Homann

Atlas Silesiae Id Est Ducatus Silesiae Generaliter Quatuor Mappis Nec Non Specialiter XVI Mappis Tot Principatus Repraesentantibus Geographice Exhibitus

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Large special atlas of Silesia by the Homann publishing house.

During the reign of Charles VI., the engineer Johann Wolfgang Wieland was assigned to surveying Silesia. After his death in 1736, Homann heirs in Nuremberg have been commissioned with the publication of the most detailed maps of Silesia at the time.

The atlas consists of 4 overview map with engraved text in margin and 16 large scale detailed maps with decorative cartouches. The maps are dated mainly 1736, some 1746.

  • Title Atlas Silesiae Id Est Ducatus Silesiae Generaliter Quatuor Mappis Nec Non Specialiter XVI Mappis Tot Principatus Repraesentantibus Geographice Exhibitus
  • Author Homann, Johann Baptist; Homann Heirs
  • Year 1750
  • Publisher Homann Heirs, Nürnberg
  • Size Imperial Folio, 64.0 x 48.0 cm
  • Colour Contemporary hand colour
  • Illustrations 20 double page copper engraved maps
  • Cover Contemporary board with gilt on spine
  • References Lindner, Schles. Karten 44; Phillips 3046 und 8809.

List of all Maps

  • Ducatus Silesiae Tabula geographica generalis: statui hodierno, ei nempe qui post pacem Dresdensem locum obtinet adaptata ...
  • Ducatus Silesiae Tabula Geographica Prima Inferiorem Eius Partem seu Novem Principatus: quorum insignia hic adiecta sunt secundum ...
  • Ducatus Silesiae Tabula Altera, Superiorem Silesiam exhibens ex mappa Hasiana majore desumta & excusa
  • Carte du Diocese de Breslau avec fes IV Arcbidiaco- riats, subdivises en fes cercles archipresbyteriales ...
  • Principatvs Silesiae Grotkani exactissima Tabula geographica : exhibens Terram Nissensem simul ac Circulos Grotkau, Ottmuchau, et Ziegenhals
  • Principatus Silesiae Oelsnensis in suos Districtus Oels Bernstadt et Trebnitz divisi exactissima Tabula geographica
  • Principatus Silesiae Oppaviensis novissima tabula geographica, a I.W. Wieland locumtenente Caesaro accurate delineata ...
  • Principatus Silesiae Karnoviensis nova et exactissima Tabula geographica ... Minores Freudenthal, Olbersdorf et Steuberndorf
  • Principatus Silesiae Saganensis in suos circulos, Sagan, Priebus, et Naumburg, divisi et a I. W. Wieland geometra
  • Principatus Silesiae Munsterbergensis exactissima Tabula Geographica;- exhibens Circulos eiusdem Munsterberg et Frankenstein
  • Principatus Silesiae Schwidnicensis Secundum eiusdem Circulos, Schweidnitz, Striegau, Bolckehain-Landeshut & Reichenbach divisi
  • Princip. Silesiae Iavoriensis in IV. circulos, Iaver, Hirschberg, Lemberg und Bvntzlav divisi ac I. W. Wieland geometra ...
  • Principatus Silesiae Glogoviensis novissima Tabula Geographica ... Glogau, Freystadt, Guhrau, Sprottau, Grünberg et Schwiebus
  • Principatus Silesiae Oppoliensis ... Circulos Oppoliensem Ober-Glogau Gros Strehliz, Cosel, Tost, Rosenberg, Falckenberg & Lubleniz
  • Principatus Silesiae Rattiboriensis nova et exactissima Tabula geographica commonstrans insimul Liberas Dynastias Ples et Beuthen ...
  • Principatus Silesiae Wratislaviensis ... Burglehn dictos Lissa, Kraicka, Weigwitz, Rommenau, Krolckwitz, Bogenau, Malckwitz, Auras
  • Principatus Silesiae Lignicensis in suos circulos, tres nempe Lignicenses Goldbergensem, Haynauviensem et Lubenensem divisi
  • Principatus Silesiae Bregensis exactissima Tabula Geographica ... Circulos Brieg, Ohlau, Strehlen, Nimbtsch, Creutzburg et Pitschen ...
  • Principatus Silesiae Wolani in suos Circulos, Wohlau, Wintzig, Herrnstadt, Rützen, Steinau und Rauden divisi
  • Principatus Silesiae Teschinensis nova et accurata Delineatio ... Freystadt, Roy, Reichwaldau, Bielitz, Friedeck, Deutschleuthen
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