The purpose of this website is to give map enthusiasts and researchers online access to a selection of rare atlases printed before 1800.

Without visiting a rare book division of a large public library or public collection, you can browse in hard to find atlases and examine the details of each published map or plate of the atlas. Also genealogists and family researchers will find a valuable source since the place names on the maps are readable by zooming into the images.

All displayed atlases are not accessible physically to the public, they are privately owned and not hold by a public institution.

I'm an antique map dealer settled in South Germany at the Lake Constance. If you are interested in buying rare atlases, some of the displayed atlases are still available for sale. Please visit my website Götzfried Antique Maps for details, or just contact me.



I hope you will find the given information useful. Please consider to follow me on Instagram to be informed about new atlases which I will add in the future. Also a 'Like' on Facebook would be appreciated.


Rainer Götzfried
Tettnang, Germany

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