17th Century Atlases

  • Title Ausszug auss des Abrahami Ortelij Theatro Orbis teutsch beschriben durch Levinum Hulsium, Francfort am Main. M.DC.IIII
  • Author Ortelius, Abraham; Hulsius, Levinus; van Keerbergen, Jan
  • Year 1604
  • Publisher Levinus Hulsius, Johannes Keerbergen; Frankfurt
  • Size Oblong 8to, 13.5 x 18.5 cm
Rare German edition of Ortelius's Epitome. The only published edition of Ortelius's pocket atlas with German text. This is a co-production of Levinus Hulsius and Jan van Keerbergen, printed 1604 in Frankfurt. With engraved title page, on verso the coat of arms of Joachim Ernst of Brandenburg-Ansbach, Margrave of the Franconian Principality of Ansbach. Read more →
  • Title Theatri Orbis Terrarum Parergon; Sive Veteris Geographiae Tabulae, Commentarijs Geographicis et Historicis illustratae... Balthasaris Moreti. Antverpiae, ex officina Plantiniana, M.DC.XXIV
  • Author Ortelius, Abraham; Moretus, Balthasar; Llwyd, Humphrey
  • Year 1624
  • Publisher Balthasar Moretus, Ex Officina Plantiniana, Antwerp
  • Size Imperial Folio, 47.5 x 31.0 cm
The final and most comprehensive edition of the Parergon, Ortelius's atlas of ancient Geography. The Parergon maps began appearing as supplements within Ortelius main work the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum in 1579 with 3 maps. Over the time, the map collection became an atlas in its own right. The Parergon was published mainly as appendix of the Theatrum, but also a few times separately. Read more →
  • Title Sevende Stuck der Aerdrycks-Beschryving, Welck Vervat Italien en Griecken.
  • Author Blaeu, Joan
  • Year 1664
  • Publisher Joan Blaeu, Amsterdam
  • Size Imperial Folio, 57.0 x 38.5 mm
Joan Blaeu's Atlas Maior is one of the most elaborate works in the history of cartography. When completed in 1665, it was the largest and most expensive book published in the 17th century. The size and ambition of this work were beyond any scope with 594 maps in eleven volumes. It is considered so important that it was included in the Canon of Dutch History. Read more →
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